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Services- Contract CNC Programming


Varco Consulting contract CNC programming has proven to be a valuable asset to our clients. Many of our clients initially planned to have a single project worked on by Varco Consulting, and once they recognized the value and quality of the service provided they have become regular clients.


Why our clients use us for their contract CNC programming needs:


Contract CNC programming can be a very cost effective. Contract programming cost varies depending on the project requirements, complexity, and timeline requirements. Because of these factors most projects are quoted


Using a cost per hour is not a realistic measure of value, as a good programmer at a higher hourly rate is a much better value than an average programmer at a lower hourly cost, especially if the programming does not work well or is inefficient. The ROI of using an experienced and skilled contract programmer that allows you to get the project up and running quicker, with less problems, and efficiently can be very significant.


You have programming needs that exceed your current software or personnel capabilities


You have a part to make and are not sure of the best approach to making it


Your programming needs don't justify having a full-time in-house programmer employed


An in-house programmer has left the company, is on vacation, sick, or for other reasons is not available


Your current work load requires additional programming resources


CNC macro programming ability. This can be a valuable tool in production work, especially for part family programming. Very few CNC programmers are skilled in this type of programming, Varco Consulting has been programming custom macros for over 20 years.


An example of using a custom macro in a production machining environment would be a family of parts that have a similar, but varying profile. A macro could be developed that would allow the operator to set the machine for a specific part and the macro would perform all of the trigonometry and other math needed to create the tool path to machine the profile


How the process works:


We get together either with an on-site meeting or remotely via eSupport and review the general scope of the project and timelines so we both understand what is needed and expected


 Varco Consulting quotes the project or we agree to work on a T&M basis. Varco Consulting provides a contract CNC programming agreement that outlines respective obligations


Client issues a Purchase Order


If the project is an emergency, prepayment is made


Any necessary client files are transferred to Varco Consulting and the project is programmed and documented


During and at completion of the programming process regular communication via email, telephone, or eSupport meetings will take place to keep the client informed and ensure that the project is progressing as planned and meets the clients expectations


Code files, documentation, setup sheets, and graphic images are provided to the client to facilitate their implementation of the project. In some cases if agreed on the source Mastercam files may be provided


Project is invoiced. This is done at this time as sometimes there can be significant delays before the client can actually get a project run due to scheduling changes, machine break downs, tooling back ordered, etc.


Varco Consulting will continue to track and assist with the project until it has been satisfactorily completed

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