Services- CNC Process Evaluation & Optimization


Through a comprehensive review of current shop procedures, policies, and practices to determine if there is opportunity for improvement and to make recommendations with the goal of making the shop run smoother, more efficiently, and in a more cost effective manner thereby increasing profitability.

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When companies start they often have a single programmer, then as they grow additional programmers may be added. All too often no standards are implemented to ensure consistent programming between the programmers. Programmers by their nature are independent people and want to do things their own way. Unfortunately this often results in inconsistent programming that makes it difficult for other programmers to work with each other’s projects and a lack of consistency in programs that are going to the shop.


Varco Consulting can help by-


• Reviewing existing programming practices, standards, & policies


• Help to establish detailed programming standards that will ensure consistent programming and improve implementing best practices


• Assess the quality of the current programming being done (see FAQ's question #9)


• Review how programs are documented for revision tracking, change & problem history, and setup documentation for the shop staff


• Review current file management practices


• Review the communication between programming and the shop staff


• Help to implement best practices in programming



Shop Workflow:



Machine Setup:




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